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Proper acoustics affect us all


Because proper acoustics affect us all 

The special exhibition Acoustics at Pro Office Bremen addresses one of the central challenges of any good office planning: Acoustics

Improve room acoustics and indoor climate, create quiet zones and retreats – elementary needs that employees and employers expect from the office of today and tomorrow. Dr. Nocke led through the digital seminar of our partner Pro Office and, as an expert of the acoustics office in Oldenburg, answered questions that move (interior) architects and end customers. 

The Office faces unprecedented challenges. All the more it is a claim and desire for everyone to create an identity-creating place with a feel-good character. How do you reconcile efficient work zones with sustainability and today's challenges in terms of distance and hygiene? 

For us, from Carpet Concept, it has always been an honest concern to ask our customers: What do you need right now? And we work on this every day to give our customers and partners tailor-made answers to their questions. 

We combine a centuries-old tradition with modern and already more than 100 times internationally award-winning design. We understand carpet as a textile building material. This makes our products special: 
• great attention to detail
• Enthusiasm and dedication to innovation
• Passion for colour, shapes and design
• different weaving techniques
• excellent materials
• Resource-efficient processing
• Exceptional quality
• Guaranteed longevity
• and the development of individual solutions 

Perfect acoustics in harmony with aesthetics and flexibility. Create reusable solutions. The flexibility and wide range of colour and design allow individual solutions to meet all requirements. Our CAS Rooms offer the ideal place for a short break in between. Highly flexible room-in-room systems for adaptable working environments that can be quickly reorganized combine agility and project work. 
From a single office to a meeting room, our textile room system sets new standards for creative freedom. 
Experience Carpet Concept at our partner Pro Office Bremen until mid-December. Please contact us. 


Used products:

CAS Rooms 
CAS Connect 
SLO-Kollektion (divers) 



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