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Seit über 20 Jahren Leidenschaft und Innovation für textile Oberflächen.


At the cradle of the Bauhaus


Carpet Concept renovated an old Bauhaus ensemble at the cradle of the Bauhaus near Weimar. This is where the textile soul of the company is at home: the Carpet Concept carpet factory. A cultural building that has been carefully built up and is being newly acknowledged on the occasion of the 100th Bauhaus anniversary.


In 2019, Germany celebrates the founding of the Bauhaus 100 years ago, the legendary art school founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius, whose avant-garde ideas made it a pioneer of classical modernism.
It will be one of the central cultural events of the year, illustrating the unique triumph that this idea originating in Weimar achieved in architecture and design.

Carpet Concept has been influenced by the ideas of the Bauhaus school since its foundation 25 years ago. After breaking through the barriers between art, industry and craftsmanship, the company followed the guiding principle of creating a new textile architecture. Münchenbernsdorf used to be an important centre of the carpet industry and had six weaving mills. Five of them were shut down. What has remained is the Carpet Concept carpet weaving mill, today located in a renovated ensemble and employing 60 people. Innovative materials and surprising carpet collections secure the future.

Carpet Concept started the careful restoration of the Bauhaus ensemble, which is considered an exception today with its production halls, interiors, and characteristic red brick façade. In addition to the production area, there are sample and storage areas, a showroom, a congress and acoustics centre, and insights into the company's cultural commitment. A museum makes the history of weaving tangible. An exhibition that has attracted nationwide interest presents the collection of old GDR tapestries. There are also congress areas, which stand for top-class architecture and design events, and a weaving kitchen. Not least because cooking is understood as just as creative and sensual a process as weaving itself.

In 2019, Carpet Concept is therefore also celebrating the Bauhaus anniversary. Its cultural roots, which are characteristic of the company and whose great innovative power is based not least on breaking through the barriers between art, industry, craftsmanship, and science, still shape the appeal of the term "Made in Germany" worldwide today.