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Room systems

Acoustically highly effective design elements for a new definition of room concepts.

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Modular construction

Highly flexible elements for adaptable work environments that can be reorganized quickly combine agility and project work.
From individual offices to conference rooms: our textile room system sets new standards for creative freedom.


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High-quality materials

Carpet Concept uses only high quality materials - this is the only way to enable exceptional quality and guaranteed durability.

Variety & Wellbeing

The large selection of modules, surfaces, connections and colours results in a variety of room-in-room sizes for undisturbed conversations, quiet work and relaxed exchange. 


Experience CAS Rooms. Our room in room system for new work environments.

Featured Project

Proper acoustics affect us all.

Featured Content

Whether as a workplace, conference room or meeting zone: discover our CAS Rooms that are acoustically optimized to perfection.

Individual Rooms


Ready. Set. Go. CAS Set - the new room-in-room-system. 

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Noise-reducing carpet

Noise-reducing carpets

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Noise-reducing room elements

Noise-reducing room elements

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Would you like personal consultation?

Do you have questions or like personal consultation? 


In that case, we look forward to getting to know you. A team with award-winning consulting expertise in all aspects of interior design with textile products is expecting you. 


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