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Individual Rooms

Endless possibilities


Our textile room-in-room system CAS Rooms enables the design of individual, modular rooms for new working worlds. Whether as a creative think tank, individual office, meeting room or retreat for confidential discussions: there are no limits. Almost everything is possible and can later be rearranged. Thus, the individual spaces created with CAS Rooms adapt to every change and every requirement.


This is what makes the individual spaces created with CAS Rooms so special:

•    no fixing to the floor necessary; 
•    perfect illumination by means of integrated, infinitely dimmable LEDs;
•    high air exchange rate thanks to a self-sufficient, integrated, infinitely adjustable ventilation system;
•    barrier-free;
•    module dimensions can be used individually in 20 cm increments (from 40 cm - 120 cm); 
•    combination of textile and glass elements;
•    perfect acoustic quality inside and outside the room thanks to highly effective textile modules; 
•    variety through different fabrics and colours for all surfaces;
•    Mix & Match with special surfaces like whiteboards, wood or laminate; 
•    Take Two Edition (rooms can be converted in real time for multiple use) with practical and comfortable interiors such as folding wall, folding table or tool wall. 

So, what does your individual room created with CAS Rooms look like?