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Traditional craftsmanship for extraordinary, innovative carpets and textile surfaces


Carpet Concept stands for a textile architecture and design products. We set new standards for high-quality and individual floor coverings, woven carpets, wall and ceiling elements—always with the requirements of today's living and working environments in mind. Naturally sustainable.


We are a manufacture for textile, architectural surfaces. Yarns, weaves and carpets are our passion. For more than 25 years we have been developing innovative products together with renowned architects and designers, which optimally meet all demands on their respective environment.


At the heartbeat of our weaving machines


We combine a centuries-old tradition with modern design that has already won over 100 international awards. We understand carpeting as a textile building material. This is what makes our products special:


  • our great love of detail;
  • enthusiasm and dedication to innovation;
  • passion for colour, shapes and design;
  • different weaving techniques;
  • excellent materials;
  • resource-saving processing;
  • outstanding quality;
  • guaranteed durability;
  • and the development of individual solutions.


As a result, our craft repeatedly produces classics for commercial areas and private living spaces.


We are a design team with a textile soul. We are Carpet Concept.