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Acoustics Calculator

Acoustics Calculator


Optimise your room acoustics.

Whenyou design acoustically optimised rooms, we are happy to assist you with our Carpet Concept know-how. The acoustics calculator of the CAS Carpet Concept Acoustic System facilitates a reliable and uncomplicated planning process. The calculator was developed in collaboration with the renowned expert, Dr. Christian Nocke from Akustikbüro Oldenburg, to allow efficient interior planning.

Carpet Concept’s acoustics calculator offers additional planning safety. It is used to calculate the frequency-dependent reverberation time in a room and compare it with relevant requirements. The data entered into the system makes it possible to represent room acoustics in a transparent and comprehensible way.

Please send us the filled in questionnaire about the design and utilisation of the interiors you plan. We will gladly perform a calculation of the acoustic situation and work out proposals for its optimisation. Our specifically trained staff members are at your disposal for a personal consultation.