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Flexible, akustisch hochwirksame und nachhaltige Arbeitsplätze für das NEW WORK


Modular building and furnishing in the office. Flexible systems for adaptable and changeable office worlds. From wall, floor and ceiling to room-in-room systems. 

A cross-functional room concept for flexible interior design

Rigid forms and strict conventions make room for flowing transitions, maximum flexibility, short communication channels and quick changeability. In the working world, this is known as NEW WORK.

Buildings must also meet the highest technical, aesthetic and ecological requirements. This new complexity requires new perspectives - not only in architecture. With the CAS system, create spaces for informal communication and project work. 

What does modularity in conjunction with CAS mean in the new, agile world of work?

•    Aesthetic and highly flexible elements to support room acoustic properties 
•    Compatibility of agility and project work
•    Adaptable working environments that can be quickly reorganised
•    Previously unused spaces in between become meaningful and can be used

CAS—An excellent, textile, modular acoustic system for office architecture


CAS stands for Carpet Concept Acoustic Systems. 

In 2008 we developed CAS Carpets, acoustically effective carpets as strong absorbers for medium and high frequencies. CAS Carpets are also available in tile format; the advantage of these 96 cm x 96 cm jumbo tiles is that, if necessary, it is not necessary to replace the entire carpet; instead, only individual tiles are exchanged. In addition, our jumbo tiles offer significant advantages: laying is simplified and thus saves time.

In 2012, we developed an acoustic modular system for walls and ceilings: CAS Objects. Two years later, this was followed by the modular room-in-room system CAS Rooms. 

Our CAS systems have already won several awards. CAS has been specially developed to optimally improve room acoustics in offices and hotels. The flexibility and wide range of colours and designs allow individual solutions for every requirement.

Modularity and Sustainability—Reuse rather than recycle. 


We use recycled materials in almost all product groups. Yet we find: recycling is good, reuse is better. That's why we have designed our CAS system so that when the use of the material changes, the individual elements can be recovered, moved elsewhere and joined together with other elements. 
The individual jumbo tiles of CAS Carpets can be replaced at any time—thanks to specially developed Velcro pads. This not only saves costs but also benefits the environment—because we consider sustainability to be a special concern and therefore a holistic, overarching issue.

Our understanding of sustainability

•    Use of recycled materials such as fishing nets and PET bottles
•    Reuse of elements in new modules
•    Replacement of individual carpet tiles and not of the entire carpet
•    Development and production “Made in Germany”