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Out of responsibility for nature

We have always considered sustainability to be a holistic issue. To us, it means treating nature, people and the resources available to us with respect. 

Never before has the topic of sustainability been so prevalent as today. Carpet Concept has lived out sustainability in a holistic way from day one—for over 25 years.

'Made in Germany' 
Our tradition-rich weaving mill—a Bauhaus factory dating from the 1930s in Münchenbernsdorf, near Weimar—was completely renovated and modernised. Since then, high-quality, sustainable textiles have been produced there. The location in Germany offers us many advantages with regard to product development and production—without having to fly around the world. 

Sustainability of our products
The development of our products is based on passion and dedication to craftsmanship. We set new standards with our ideas and place great emphasis on the sustainable design of interiors. Carpet Concept stands for: 
•    the use of recycled materials such as fishing nets and PET bottles;
•    high-quality workmanship;
•    excellent quality = durable and guaranteed sustainability;
•    Made in Germany = short communication channels and transport routes;
•    love of craftsmanship;
•    and the enthusiasm to set standards with textile innovations.

At Carpet Concept, sustainability not only means an appreciative handling of resources but also a respectful interaction with each other—because this is the only way sustainability can really be lived out.